Cut your glass

buffing time


Cut your glass buffing time



 I Imagine Glassware that is

...streak-free ...lint-free

& ...odor-free!

Imagine Polishing in 1/2 the time!

Then try a Wubeez!

Wubeez Glass Polishing Cloth


As a longtime waiter, I’ve often been frustrated by the amount of time and effort it takes to remove soap residue that commercial dishwashers leave on glassware, especially on wine glasses. My mission to discover a better glass-buffing method was fulfilled over a decade ago with WUBEEZ cloths. Since then, I have sold over 50 thousand units to customers all over the world. My clients are wine enthusiasts, restaurants looking for the most efficient way to polish their glassware, and wineries who especially appreciate our custom logo options for their WUBEEZ.  


With WUBEEZ, we make polishing glassware simple and easy. By using WUBEEZ, you get a glass that is steak-free, lint-free, and odorless of any chemicals or detergents. The WUBEEZ work great on any glass surface, silverware, plates, and more. With their durable design, you can reuse them over and over again. And if they don’t “WOW” you, we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.


Oh, and if you’re wondering where the name WUBEEZ came from:


WU (My nickname);

BE (Be);

EZ (Easy)


Robert Hendrickson (Wu)

Founder, WUBEEZ 



The Wubeez are fantastic & my staff loves them. Our logo looks so cool on the cloths!

Mary M.

Owner, Black Birch Vineyard


The Wubeez are indispensable to our little wine bar!

Allysun M.

General Manager, Casellua Cheese & Wine Cafe



The Wubeez cloth has the perfect balance of weight and absorbency, dries glasses quickly and easily, while still being pliable.

Robert Dwyer

The Wellesley Wine Press

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There is singly no better cloth for buffing wine glasses than the Wubeez. After 8 years, 64 seminars and 16,000 glasses, I would use none other!

Greg O'Byrne

Executive Director, "Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta"

After years of trying every kind of buffing cloth imaginable, the WUBEEZ in one day completely transformed how we polish our glassware.  Since we began using this product, the glasses are not only streak and lint-free, they sparkle and shine. We also have nearly zero breakage during the buffing process because it takes so little effort to clean the glass. I cannot recommend WUBEEZ highly enough. There is simply no better way to buff glassware.

Wanda S.

Former General Manager/ Sommelier, Sierra Mar Restaurant

(Wine Spectator "Grand Award" Wine List)



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